Advancing the Carbon Market

EcoConsortium, a pioneering venture established as a subsidiary of Verdana and is the first digital carbon registry in the Asia-Pacific, with a function for digital measuring, reporting and verification (dMRV) embedded in the platform.

We are here to simplify, secure, and digitize the carbon market, making it accessible, efficient, and transparent. Our innovative technology empowers carbon registries and standard bodies to drive sustainable growth and carbon footprint reduction.


Empowering Carbon Registries with Digital Ingenuity

At EcoConsortium, we champion innovative technology to reinvent the carbon market. As a trailblazer in Malaysia, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled digital support to carbon registries and standard bodies.

Trustworthy Platform with Innovative Technology

At EcoConsortium, we deliver sustainability through innovative technology, ensuring a trustworthy platform for all carbon market participants. Our platform incorporates cutting-edge solutions to reinvent the carbon market and support the transition to a greener future

Seamless Integration with Global Markets

Our platform effortlessly links with global markets through API-based web services. This seamless integration enables smooth transactions and connectivity with international buyers and sellers, expanding opportunities for carbon credit trading

Pre-Connected Platforms for International Recognition

EcoConsortium is pre-integrated with renowned platforms such as CerCarbono, providing international recognition for carbon credits. This integration ensures compliance with UNFCCC and Paris Accord protocols, guaranteeing accurate and credible greenhouse gas accounting

Real-Time dMRV Dashboard for Instant Insights

With our intuitive dMRV (Measure, Report, and Verify) dashboard, users can access instant, on-demand data insights. The real-time dashboard empowers carbon registries and standard bodies with comprehensive analytics for effective decision-making and monitoring of projects

Strict Compliance with International Protocols

EcoConsortium adheres strictly to UNFCCC and Paris Accord protocols to ensure accurate and credible GHG accounting. By upholding these protocols, we contribute to the global efforts in combating climate change and meeting sustainability goals

Our Vision

Benchmarking Global Emissions Reporting Standards

EcoConsortium aims to become a respected global benchmark in providing efficient, trustworthy, and advanced digital support to the carbon market. Through our innovative solutions, we facilitate sustainable growth and carbon footprint reduction


Digital Transformation with Advanced Technology

We are committed to harnessing the power of advanced technology to catalyze a radical transformation of the carbon market. By creating more reliable, efficient, and sustainable reporting, we contribute to greater transparency and scalability in global carbon markets

Why EcoConsortium

EcoConsortium is more than a platform; it's a digital catalyst in the carbon market landscape:

Secure and Reliable

We prioritize safety, security, and efficiency in every aspect of our platform, ensuring the utmost trust for our users


Our seamless integration with CerCarbono sets us apart, providing unparalleled access to international recognition and collaboration

Easy-to-use dMRV Dashboard

Our real-time dMRV dashboard puts all aspects of your carbon credit projects at your fingertips, providing instant insights for informed decision-making

Global Connectivity

We make the world smaller by linking you effortlessly to national and international markets, expanding your reach and opportunities

EcoConsortium’s Collaboration with

CerCarbono, a voluntary carbon certification program and standard, plays a crucial role in facilitating the registration of Climate Change Mitigation Programs or Projects (CCMPs) and emissions certifications. As a robustly integrated partner with CerCarbono, EcoConsortium
effectively facilitates climate change mitigation, emissions certifications, and carbon credits. In addition, our collaboration ensures credibility and propels the maturing carbon market.

Project Development

Digitized MRV

Quality Assurance, Issuance & Compliance



Information about the project stages will be updated in real time with the Malaysian national registry and the CAD Trust.

Project Information

  • Location
  • Sector & activity
  • Methodology, baseline & Additionality
  • Measurements, quantifications & emissions reductions

Unit Traceability

  • Unique serialization system
  • Issuance & transfer of units
  • Retirements & final use
  • Compliance of voluntary use by end beneficiary
  • Domestic orInternational transaction.

More Reason To Choose


EcoConsortium exists to serve change-makers in the carbon market, redefining the narrative and driving sustainable practices. Our services benefit various participants:

Project Holders

Individuals or entities seeking project certification and carbon credits


Entities developing projects on behalf of the project holders

Validation & Verification Bodies

Organizations responsible for reviewing project information and signing off on validations and verification


Participants interested in the trading of carbon credits

EcoConsortium’s services effectively contribute to Malaysia’s development.

Increasing Transparency

Digitization improves transparency in carbon trading, enabling informed decision-making and promoting accountability

Enhancing Efficiency

Digital processes speed up transactions and reduce costs in the carbon market, facilitating a more efficient ecosystem

Boosting Investment

A national registry attracts investors to the carbon market, fostering economic growth and opportunities for sustainable investments

Providing Leadership

EcoConsortium positions Malaysia as a leader in digital carbon registry services, showcasing its commitment to sustainability and innovation

Through EcoConsortium’s services, we aspire to contribute to global sustainability.

Bolster Sustainable Development

By streamlining operations and providing improved tracking of carbon credits, we contribute to global sustainability and carbon neutrality goals

Enhance Transparency and Efficiency

Our solutions enhance transparency and efficiency in carbon credit markets, enabling better tracking and accounta

Boost Economic Opportunities

By attracting credible participants and fostering a vibrant carbon credit market, we unlock new economic prospects and stimulate sustainable growth

Leverage EcoConsortium Within Your Own Carbon Marketplace

Join us on a journey toward a more sustainable,
interconnected, and efficient future.

Asad Sultan

Chief Executive Officer

Braham Singh

Managing Director

Shailendra Sharma

Head of Technology

Suraj Arora

Senior Advisor

Elizabeth Yang

General Counsel

Karen Seymour

Senior Advisor

The Future
is Now

Join us on a journey toward a more sustainable, interconnected, and efficient future.

By incorporating the specific functionality of EcoConsortium as described above, we ensure the narrative highlights the company’s focus on advancing the carbon market, providing digital support to carbon registries, and promoting sustainability and efficiency in the sector.

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